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100% guaranteed-results^ We provide an advanced trading class in and around Denver, virtually online, as well as a top-rated financial investing newsletter. We also have a beginner options trading class in Denver and online that teaches a process Warren Buffet uses to create income. We’re confident enough in our class we have written guarantee that you’ll make 18% in a single year. Profit from market cycles and learn stock trading using indicators and a rules-based trading strategy. 720/515-2174.

The surprising truth about markets is there are just two patterns that predict every turn, in every market. This is the heart of our stock trading academy in person in the Denver area as well as online classes. We show you these patterns in three short videos under the media tab above. The same pattern is present in Silver, an inert lump of metal in the ground, as Soy Bean Meal, which has price fluctuations based on weather. We call this pattern The Pattern of Life ™ because it is omni-present. Our book, also available on this website, teaches more about this crucial forecasting tool.

Our lead forecaster used these patterns to predict the crash of the DOW associated with September 11th in May 2001, four months prior to the event. He predicted the crash in his syndicated newspaper column. A copy of this prediction is also shown in the Presentations tab. You’ll learn these patterns in our Advanced Class, which some have called the best value in stock trading education in Denver or anywhere else, and these patterns predict another coming collapse. If you have assets to protect, or just want to make money in the next crash, you need this education.

These same patterns predict economic markets such as the DOW, S&P 500 and the Nikkei, Japan’s leading stock market index. Ten years in advance of the tsunami that caused so much physical and economic devastation in Japan our lead forecaster predicted where Japan’s economy would be, also in writing, in his newspaper column.

And that’s why we can guarantee^ you’ll make money if you subscribe to our financial investing newsletter, based in Denver, and available anywhere with a solid internet connection. We can and do predict trends a decade in advance and also identify turns within minutes of the event. Knowing what to invest in and when to invest in it is very profitable.

Even though we’re based in the Denver area, we received our financial trading education, and learned to forecast markets, from one of the worlds leading floor traders in the S&P “pits” at the Mercantile Exchange in Chicago almost 20 years ago. This process is known as Technical Analysis. The former Director at the Chicago branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, Stephan Anderson, says traders have to know technical analysis in order to time their trades. He has degrees from Harvard and the University of Chicago and helped set national monetary policy; his voice is about as salient as one can find on financial matters.

Even if you don’t live in Denver you can learn stock and option trading through our stock market education. When you’re ready to revolutionize your life we invite you to sign up on our Order Here tab!