Invest For Income

Some people are too busy to watch the market every day and want a simpler way to prosper. We teach a strategy that Forbes Magazine says Warren Buffet employs, and you know how he feels about risk. warren-buffet-forbes-cover   Our Foundation Class makes your life simpler and richer. We publish a newsletter that gives you the exact trade to make. It’s a lot like owning rental realestate, but without the hassle of renters. We use the same techniques that helped us predict the September 11 crash, the Greek Financial Crisis and  many other key trading opportunities. This isn’t day-trading but an income strategy with proven, guaranteed results.   And, we’re confident enough of our service that we guarantee in writing you’ll make 18% or more in 9 months. How can we do that? The Denver WB TV affiliate asked the same thing DSCF5394and wanted us to come on to explain. We went, but with Rob, one of our clients. Even while working 50 – 60 hours per week, plus writing a book on wedding vows, he’s made 50% over the past two years. Take a look: TV Interview   Not a trader? Good, we won’t have to undo bad habits. You’ll learn how to place a trade (as easy as order a book on Amazon) and how to create a lifetime of income. If we don’t have any webinars posted, just send a note and we’ll make sure to let you know when another is scheduled.