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Audio #26

Many people ignored the warnings of an imminent flood and suffered; people ignored the warnings of financial trouble and faced more loss. Why? We discuss why people ignore the truth. Did your computer or data get damaged in the flood? Maybe it’s time to back up your data. We also recommend people call Christopher Smith for computer repairs: 970/744-5964.

Audio #25

Tom recognizes our host, as a descendant of several Caesars, is entitled to use the prefix HRH: His Royal Highness. With September 11 just days away we pay tribute to America’s loss. With another market crash coming, we consider how to make money as markets fall and then we take our biggest look yet at the 7 Pillars of Wisdom.

Audio #24

Alex from Boulder called telling about his most recent trade; he made 92% in just 22 hours. We considered how Americans vote with their money and passively boycott things they don’t like. In the news was veterans objecting to “Hanoi” Jane Fonda playing the part of Nancy Reagan. We answered a few more questions about the host’s background. We shared King Solomon’s perspective on Wisdom.

Audio #23

Tobie from Denver called in and described his first trade, using the patterns we teach. He bought a gold ETF the day it bottomed, sold recently, and made 23% in just 3 months. As a novice, he timed the market better, and made more, than most professionals. We reviewed the basics of market forecasting and our General Manager at KRCN interviewed our host to learn his background and motivations. In the last segment we take a fresh look at the first 4 Pillars of Wisdom.

Audio #22

A client called in, sharing he is up 63% in opportunities out patterns pointed to. Cary Johnson from the 1st District Attorney’s office came to the studio to teach us how to protect ourselves from the enormous problem of identity theft and how to protect our credit cards, social security number and checking accounts. In the 4th segment Mr. Johnson applied his knowledge of identity theft to Wisdom.

Audio #21

Fitness Coach, Brian Paul, joins us to explain common mistakes and the mindset needed to transform your physique. He can be reached at 720/999-1887. Co-host Christopher Smith is an expert at dealing with computer malware and informs us how to rid it and the surprising results of leaving it on your system. Call Chis with questions at 970/412-2005. Einstein enlightens us on Wisdom in the 4th segment.

Audio #20

August 2, 2013 I’m pleased to introduce to you Randy Ferguson, one of my favorite people, and a mentor to me. He shares with us tools and attitudes that help people become “unstuck”. You can reach Randy at, or 303/989-2605. We also look at Aristotle’s thoughts on Wisdom.

Audio #19

We cover our simple steps to making money in the markets. Financial planner Les Madson explains what Detroit’s bankruptcy filing means for America. Eric manages to combine the ideas of bad hair, investing and his dad’s passing:

Audio #18

Why do people listen to read Warren Buffet’s thoughts? Because he’s been fantastically successful; I spoke to my billionaire-mentor this week and shared his insights to finance, markets and life:

Audio #17

We were fortunate to have the New York Times best selling author of “The Harbinger”, Jonathan Cahn on the show. We had a fascinating discussion of the warnings involved in September 11 and what it means for our future. Order his book at: We have a scoop on the Paula Deen fracas, and coined the term “Chick-fil-a effect”. For something unique to do this summer, head up to the Central City Opera! Ticket details at: Here’s the show:

Audio #16

Enjoy our Independence Day show and tribute to our military. We interview Harry Moser, head of the Reshoring Initiative, an effort to bring manufacturing back to the States. Check out their Total Cost Estimator that examines the whole cost of producing products over seas: Wise people make better decisions, so we conclude with thoughts about Wisdom.

Audio #15

Listen in as we discuss the pitfalls of how markets get manipulated, how you can predict these events and the opportunities that get presented. You’re invited to see the patterns that predict these opportunities at a seminar on July 25th and we conclude by discussing the pillars of Wisdom and apply them to investing:

Audio #14

We discuss how to make money on cruise ships. Eric just returned from speaking on the Success at Sea Alaska cruise and had an exceptional excursion with Coastal Helicopters, Juneau, Alaska 907/789-5600. We discuss how Eric just made 195% in 21 hours, using the patterns that predict where the opportunities are. Sales trainer Hugh Liddle called from Florida to discuss the impact of developing listening skills.

Audio #13

We discuss how I made 100% in less than 26 hours, by identifying the turn and using the right investing vehicle. Eric actually sang to illustrate how something we all know the basics of how to do, like singing and investing, is easier with experience and practice. Your ears may bleed. Michele Greott tells what she learned in our seminar. We interview the owners of Little Raven Pictures about helping businesses get their message out and we discuss the connection between Wisdom and humility.

Audio #12

Years ago we made an off the cuff comment predicting the rise of Vancouver real estate. Take a look at how it continued to rise! Vancouver real estate outcome Peggy Sage teaches us about how reverse mortgages are a real financial problem solver for folks 62 and over. We end the show by discussing the patterns that predicted the last turn and by talking about Wisdom, Einstein, Aristotle and how their observation about order has implications about investing.

Audio #11

From the universal patterns found in Fibonacci ratios, we infer a universal pattern, present in all markets. Eric predicts the 3 things you’d like to change about your life. Our favorite part is in the fourth segment, where we talk about the fundamentals of wisdom, which is the key to growth.

Audio #10

We talk about the psychology of investing; a friend of 30 years talks about his observations of watching the show host learn this process, and we talk about the basis for the whole trading theory.

Audio #9

Hear how to play catch up with your retirement fund – how to become an investing outlier. The owner of Lube & Latte talks about his coffee shop that is inside an mechanic’s shop. Quoting Malcom Gladwell, Sir James Dyson

Audio #8

We invite you to a seminar to learn how to invest better and spend two segments talking with Michele the Matchmaker.

Audio #7

Co-host Chris turns the tables on Eric and grills him and we discuss the severe impact of the current inflation rate:

Audio #6

Financial planner Les Madson is in the studio with us, answering questions about legacy planning and financial strategy. Dr. Charles Benbrook shares his expertise in genetically engineered foods (GMOs).

Audio #5

A really fun interview with the Lee Conrad, editor of one of my favorite magazines, Bank Investment Consultant. We discuss the emerging science of Behavioral Analysis and the implications for investors:

Audio #4

Professor Jim Beaber discusses how quantum physics could explain the universal pattern that predicts market turns (it’s fascinating, even if you’re not a geek):

Audio #3

In our 3rd show another of our rock star clients tells how using our market forecasting method produced $100,000 in a single month:

Audio #2

Listen to our 2nd show, and hear how 20 year old Trent Cline made 160% in less than a year, using our 100% guaranteed^ trading program:

Audio #1

hear our premiere show, and how our client, Ralph Young, made over 300% using our 100% guaranteed^ trading program: