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“You need this information! In 2007 you wanted to know where the top of the market was so you could protect your profits. In 2008 you wanted to know how to prosper in a falling market. In 2009 you wanted to know where the bottom of the market was and when to start buying. In 2010 you wanted to know where the great opportunities were… And now you need to know where the next top is. We’re facing another collapse. You’re going to want to know what comes next. With our 100% guarantee there no reason to wait. Sign up now!” Results are guaranteed! Our advance class  guarantee is  this simple:  we guarantee you’ll at least make back what you paid for the class if you trade $10,000 or more, apply the information in the newsletter at least quarterly and use stops not greater than 10%.  It’s that’s easy.  See details below. The beginner class is even simpler: we have a written guarantee you’ll make 18% in 9 months or less! This course can pay for itself in saved frustration and diminished losses.
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Product Name: Financial Solutions DVD / Advanced Trading Class (Please scroll to the bottom of the Subscription Agreement for the payment button)

  Subscription Agreement
  Cornerstone Financial Svs, llc (hereafter called Consultant) agrees to provide the following consulting services to ______________________ (hereafter called Client).   THEREFORE, it is agreed:   Duties: Consultant’s primary duty is to teach and demonstrate our forecasting model to the Client. We believe we live in the equivalent of modern day Rome and that the DOW is the measure of our economy. We are unaware of any extended period when the DOW rose as our economy fell. Consequently, we will provide general ideas as to opportunities presenting from major changes in our economy, such as preferred times to buy or sell real estate, corresponding changes in the markets, when business owners may consider expansion, when lease rates could be more favorable, when to advertise more heavily, etc. Consultant provides a 9 month subscription to our newsletter to continue the education. Publish dates are twice per month, currently the first and third Mondays of the month, unless holidays interfere.   Consultant never touches Client’s money; we do not sell securities of any kind. If Client wishes to speculate in the capital markets you can manage your own funds or use traditional brokers. We provide no tax or investing advice.   Exclusive Use: Parties agree information is Consultant’s stock in trade and the dissemination of any information provided Client is not permitted. The information provided by Consultant to Client is for the non-commercial, exclusive use of their immediate household (those that live under your roof more than six months per year). Other interested parties must engage Consultant’s services separately if they wish to know, use or benefit from the information provided by Consultant, including, but not limited to information contained in the newsletter.   Liability: While Consultant has a good record of using forecasting models to predict general trends, sometimes we are mistaken. Stock market and real estate investing aren’t for everyone and if you decide to invest based on our economic predictions the risk for doing so belongs solely to Client.   We are not trained in financial planning and do not give individual investing advice. None of our services are intended to substitute for advice from a registered representative or financial planner.   Payment: A one-time investment of $7500 is due now for the Gold plan: a seven year economic overview, initial training to understand how the forecasting model works and 9 month subscription to our newsletter which discusses stocks that appear ready to move based on our forecasting model, updates on the progression of forecasting model and related economic news. Four group refresher course will be offered at a nominal fee. Please make checks payable to Cornerstone Financial Svs, llc.   _____ Initial here for the Platinum plan which includes everything in the Gold plan plus our Foundations class training, newsletter, four refresher classes and a copy of our ebook, for a total investment of $10,000, a $2500 savings.   Guarantee: For those who choose to use the market forecasts contained in the newsletter, we guarantee Client will make the fee you paid to Consultant back within the course of the contract period you receive your newsletter subscription under the following criteria: 1) you use $10,000 or more, 2) you apply the information in the newsletters at least once per quarter and 3) you use stops limiting a potential loss to no more than 10%. In the event you did not make back your training/subscription fee we will continue your education through the newsletter until which time you have made your fee back.   Subscription delivery and Notice: Subscriptions and/or written notice shall be sent to Client via e-mail to: _____________________________________.   Arbitration: In the event parties have a disagreement they can not resolve, we mutually agree to forgo a court trial and use binding arbitration. Costs of arbitration are to be shared equally. Parties agree to limit the combined costs and settlement to either party to $2500 unless newsletter information is shared, then damages are treble.   Entire contract: this is the entire agreement between parties.   Severability / savings.  If any provision of this Agreement is held by a trier of fact of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless continue in full force without being impaired or invalidated in any way.   Signed: for Client   X___________________________________     Date _________________   (Print Name):____________________________       Phone: _____________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________ for Cornerstone Financial Svs, llc: X _____________________________________ Date _________________ Eric Gemelli
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