Stock Trading Book – The Pattern Of Life

The Pattern of Life Cover Possibly the best way to learn how to trade stocks in Denver, or anywhere else there’s an internet connection, or about our stock trading school, is through our lead trainer’s book. This book will change the way you view investing. Period. Learn about:
  1. The methods professionals use on the S&P trading floor at the Mercantile Exchange in Chicago,
  2. the market pattern that predicts money making opportunity in the market,
  3. 10 Rules for Safe Trading,
  4. Accelerating profits,
  5. How to make money in a falling market,
  6. Predicting market turns, and
  7. Why the old ways no longer work.
Every investor needs this 72 page  e-book and it’s exclusively available on Amazon for only $5.99. You can preview it or order it here:

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Historical note: the book cover is a coin from 370 A.D. It’s the image of Caesar Valentinian, great, great… grandfather to the head of our stock market trading school in Denver, lead forecaster and master trainer, Eric Gemelli.