The Dow is up 150%; now what?

Both the DOW and the S&P 500 are up over 150% from their lows in March 2009. Traders were able to make much more, but people still have a need for professional help. Successful traders follow rules to help minimize risk. One of our trading rules is to take a macro perspective and move to micro. We’ve always thought most of people’s money should be professionally managed. Annuities serve a purpose with their guarantees but have a risk to inflation. Real Inflation has been running from 9% to 11% over the last couple years. Fixed annuities aren’t keeping up with inflation and when the market falls the indexed annuities won’t keep up with inflation either. They shouldn’t lose principle, which is the main reason for holding them, in our opinion. The DOW is up 150% since 2009. Some of our traders make that in a year managing their own money. Here are a couple examples:  Trent makes 140% in 7 months.  Alex is on track: . Jason did way better: Jason makes 200%. We saw Trent’s trading results for last quarter and it was right around 50%, so he continues to do well even trading on his own, without the newsletter. Jason now makes a living trading. That’s our hope for you too, that you would learn to manage a portion of your money, growing at a rate that helps you catch up to your retirement goals. Still, having professional managers tactically manage a portion at least keeps up with wider market gains makes sense for most people. And yet, mutual funds aren’t designed to make money in a falling market, which will be coming. That’s why financial planners always recommend diversifying. We are the go to source for making money in a falling market; it’s our specialty. Think of it as “hedging”, which is what professional traders do.  There’s more in our book on that subject: Most people need the security of annuities. Most people need a portion of their money professionally managed, and roughly 95% of America is behind and needs the explosive growth that can come from self-management.